7 Best Video Downloader for Chrome

best video downloader for chrome

Wouldn’t it be best f you can instantly download any video you come across online. Here are a few ways to do the same.

How to Change Google Chrome’s Language

how to change google chrome's language

Sometimes we need to change language of a particular app to use it in our native language. Here is a way to change language in Google Chrome.

Is GetIntoPC Safe?

Is get into PC safe

Are you looking to download free software? 

GetintoPC provides a variety of applications free to download. You can get most of the popular paid and unpaid versions of programs from this site. 

Best 5 Portable Antivirus Software

best antivirus

Security suites do their best to protect your computer from a wide variety of threats. Developers often have to worry about viruses, malware, worm, and other dangerous software. That is why there are frequent updates because of new risks that pop-up every day. However, there are times when threats penetrate your system without detection. Anti-virus

How to Remove Chromium Browser from your Computer Completely?

Remove chromium virus

Chromium is a legit browser. However, since it is open-source, cyber criminals were able to tweak it to create an adware malware. This fake browser is distributed by bundling with other freeware software. After successful infiltration, it regenerates its process to consume your computer memory. Also, it becomes difficult to remove it. Symptoms You might