How to resume Failed download in Chrome?

How to resume Failed download in Chrome

While downloading any file on Google Chrome, it often fails because of a network error or some other reason. In such cases, you might have to download the file from scratch as it might not resume after the internet connection is back. This can be really frustrating, especially if the file was too big in size and was almost downloaded completely. 

How to Save Tabs in Chrome

save all tabs in Chrome

Wouldn’t it be best if you can save all your active tabs in Chrome so that you can open them when required. here’s how to do exactly that.

How to Restore Taskbar Disappeared in Chrome

tasbar disappearing in chrome

Gogle Chrome carries a lot of features and a few bugs. Here are some solutions to one such bug that hides your Windows’ taskbar while using Google Chrome

Why Mouse Cursor Not Showing in Chrome?

mouse cursor not showing on chrome

Is your mouse cursor troubling you again? It cannot be delightful to lose track of your mouse visually.  Windows OS seems to get this problem once in a while. However, the frequency of mouse cursor disappearing is much higher in the Chrome browser, especially if you use a touch screen device like Microsoft Surface. It

How to hide Address Bar in Chrome?

How to hide Address Bar in Chrome

Even after being advanced than its counterparts and having a lot of options, Chrome lacks one essential option that most of its users wanted. This option is the ability to hide Address Bar or the URL bar. If you are one such user who needs to hide address bar in Chrome browser, this guide will help you to achieve that.

How to Delete Completely from Browser is created to hijack web browser settings and redirects your web searches to Yahoo so that makers of can make money from displaying sponsored ads on it. is a very nasty malware which hijacks your main search engine and replaces it with , all your searches will be redirected through it which can

How to Uninstall Redirect is a malicious website that hijacks the settings of the browser. It hijacks the settings of all browsers. It targets browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. It hijacks the settings of the browser. It replaces the settings of the browser like homepage, new tab, and default search engine.

Get Rid of Pop-up Notifications from Chrome pop-up is due to an adware on your computer or other malicious websites. It shows ads on all famous and most used browsers like Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. is created to trick users to click on the notification allow button. It asks users to click on allow the button to

How to Remove Streaming Plus Browser Hijacker

Streaming Plus is a rogue program, which belongs to the browser hijacker category. Similar to other browser hijackers like Stream Tube, mylucky Tab, and BestConverterSearch, it also redirects you through shady web addresses. As a rule, Streaming Plus gets control of your browser, such as Chrome, and takes you to for any search you make. Further, it