Is GetIntoPC Safe?

Are you looking to download free software? 

GetintoPC provides a variety of applications free to download. You can get most of the popular paid and unpaid versions of programs from this site. 

However, you might feel a bit skeptical since free software might bring infection into your system.

Therefore, we scanned the internet for user reviews and tried some of the applications that the website has to offer. We did the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Here’s a guide to use GetintoPC to download your desired software for free.

Let’s see what it has to offer.

What is GetintoPC?

GetintoPC is a free website to download the desired software. They upload files as a single downloadable link. Moreover, all the applications come as a standalone setup. That means you don’t have to download any external data to run the program. Also, it includes all in-app downloads as well.

The mission statement of GetintoPC is to provide users with one time download to install and use any program. Initially, the site used to provide cracked PC games. However, as it gained popularity among users, it started uploading multiple applications under different categories.

Moreover, GetintoPC does not use third-party hosting sites for the downloads. Instead, they create a download link from their server. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the download link will die in the future.

Is GetintoPC virus-free?

Is GetintoPC virus-free

Yes, no program that we downloaded from this site has viruses. Besides, many users all over the internet have suggested the same. GetintoPC provides pure applications without any external malware attached to it.

Moreover, some sites or torrent downloads add unnecessary applications in the package. It might include some browsers, media download app, adware, and many more unreliable apps. However, the packaging from GetintoPC does not contain any external programs. 

Besides, I use the MalwareFox anti-malware program, which usually protects me from entering notorious sites. It also restricts malicious downloads. Surprisingly, it didn’t trigger itself when I downloaded and installed apps from GetintoPC. That means the website is reliable and does not contain any viruses.

GetintoPC: Categories and Utility

GetintoPC looks like a CMS blog at first glance. All applications are in the form of a post and are continually updated. Initially, people might find the interface quite confusing. However, it is straight and simple when you open the desired post.

Initially, the aim behind GetintoPC was to provide free and cracked games for PC gamers. However, it has expanded its categories after it became popular among users. Besides, it now also includes tips and tricks associated with various applications.

The site is distinguished between a few main categories. It includes Software Categories, Operating Systems, 3D CAD, Graphic Design, Multimedia, Development, Antivirus, Education, and Tutorials.

You can distinguish between the categories according to your needs.

1. Latest Software and Applications

Many sites like FileHippo, Uptodown, and CNET requires activation codes to download a file. However, that is not the case with GetintoPC.

Instead, third-party sites upload their product on the site. Every article consists of features and uses related to the application. Below you can find the download button. Press it to start the download. Further down, you can find reviews from people who previously installed the application.

When you click the download link, the site redirects you to another page. Meanwhile, your download starts automatically. If not, the page contains the download link and a short description of the software.

Besides, people often ask the webmaster to upload a new link whenever an updated version of the app is available. Surprisingly, the admin manages to upload the latest software in minimum time. You can get software like graphic design tools, CAD design tools, operating systems, and many more.

2. PC Troubleshooting and How to Fix

If you ever encounter a problem with your PC, then you can look for the clarification on GetintoPC. Probably, the issue is common, and the site might have a solution under the tutorials category.

Similar to software and application, the PC issues are in the form of “How to” articles. You can find the posts well structured. Moreover, it mentions multiple ways to get rid of the problem.

Besides, if you need more suggestions, then you can join the discussion under the article. GetintoPC has a vast number of users who advise people with their problems.

3. Computer and Performance Tips

Apart from software and applications, you also get access to many methods for improving your system performance. It might be a new utility app or a pre-existing technique. 

Also, you can get a well-organized content to master various fields of computing. All the data is available in a straightforward way, and you can start learning it in no time. Besides, the admin updates the information if there is anything new worth mentioning.

Is GetintoPC legal

legality of getintoPC

Now that you know how to use this site, you might wonder about its legitimacy.

GetintoPC hosts applications provided by third-party users. If the user has the license to share the product, then there is no issue. However, if the product does not have such provisions, then you get illegal software.

Most of the software on this site are cracked versions of the original application. That means the uploader has removed the legitimate digital control rights. Therefore, you can download the files and run the software without needing any license. However, sometimes the crack is required to make some changes necessary in the application. It includes removing problematic bugs or even in-app advertisements.

Some countries consider it a copyright infringement. Meanwhile, others don’t have any law on the topic. Therefore, the legality of this website ultimately depends on your country. Besides, companies can’t do much if you are using a product from this site. However, if you are utilizing the software in a registered company, then it would be wiser to buy the original one from the official store.

Is Downloading from GetintoPC Safe?

As far as the concern is the safety of your system, then it is safe. GetintoPC does not host malware in any of its software. You can find this issue when downloading applications from other sites or torrents.

Besides, many users support this site for its performance and utility. Still, I would recommend you to activate your Windows Defender and use a robust anti-malware software. If you want a reliable anti-malware application at a minimum price, use MalwareFox.

However, if you think that using a software unethically is a bad practice, then this site is not for you. Most of the applications are cracked and won’t trouble you with a distracting pop-up. Still, you might encounter that the application is aware of usage without a license. In such cases, you can ask for help in the discussion in the software article.

Besides, there are some pros and cons associated with using this site.


  • A plethora of free and paid software applications are available.
  • Fast downloading speed to get the software on your PC in no time.
  • Harmful and malicious programs are not present.
  • You don’t have to put sensitive data like credit card numbers and passwords for downloading.
  • Availability of practical and easy to understand “How to’s” tutorials.


  • All applications are not available. (You can ask and wait for the upload)
  • Some cracked files do not work correctly.
  • Some applications are only available for testing and not for full download.


Unlike other similar sites that provide free downloads for software, GetintoPC is safe. You won’t find any malware or virus in the application package. Besides, you get the whole package in a single downloadable link. Thus, you don’t have to install additional packages after installing the program. Also, you can move the application to another PC through your hard disk.

However, if you are planning to download an antivirus or anti-malware program, then it would be better to buy it from the official store. Consider it as a small investment so that you can use more of the free products without worrying about the safety of your system.

FAQs Related to GetIntoPC

What is the official website of GetintoPC?

Due to its vast user base, some developers have created similar looking sites with a relatable name. However, the official website is All other sites are fake and might contain viruses or malware bundled with the program. Therefore, use the mentioned site only.

How do I use Getintopc?

GetintoPC is simple and easy to use. You just have to look for your desired software. You can search for it manually under different categories and their subcategories. Otherwise, you can use the search box if you know what do you want exactly.

I am Unable to Visit GetintoPC?

It is possible that your country has blocked the site from its list. Else, Google might be monitoring the website strictly in your area. You can get rid of this problem by using a VPN. Change your country and try again. Otherwise, you can use another browser. Use UC Browser for faster downloads.

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