How to View Browsing History in Google Chrome

Would you like to revisit a page in Google Chrome?

We tend to open numerous pages while browsing the internet. Sometimes, it happens that we come across an interesting one and lose it accidentally. Searching for it on the internet might not be the best way to find it.

Therefore, Google Chrome keeps track of every page you open and maintains a record. We call it the “History.”

In this guide, we will see a few ways to access a previously opened page in Google Chrome. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into it.

View Browsing History in Chrome on Desktop and Mobile

Accessing the history in Google Chrome can save a lot of time to find a previously opened page. Moreover, it has some useful tricks to help you find the page you are looking for in no time. Keep reading until the end to understand how to use the History feature in the best possible way.

View History from Menu

If you are using Chrome on your desktop, you can take the following steps to open the history tab.

1.0 Firstly, click on the “Customize and Control Google Chrome” button. (Three vertical dots at the top-right corner)

2. Hover above the “History” section. It should reveal recently closed pages.

history option in google chrome

3. Then, click on “History” to open the full tab.

history tab in google chrome

Here, you can see all the pages you ever opened in the Chrome browser using your account. You can click on the page name to open it. You can also click on the check box or website name to select the page. Thus, deleting multiple pages at once if you want.

View History Using Command URL

You can easily view the history tab in Google Chrome by putting “chrome://history” in the URL bar and press hit enter. The history page will appear in front of you. 

chrome history address

Tip: You can also use the keyboard shortcut using the “Ctrl+H” keys to quickly open the page.

Thumbnail History

Both the mobile version and desktop version of Chrome create a thumbnail shortcut section in the browser. The section contains the favicon and site name of the most frequently used websites on your browser.

thumbnail shortcut in google chrome

It serves as a quick way to open a page that you have to access regularly. You can edit the name and URL of any shortcut by clicking on the “More actions” button (three vertical dots). You can also delete the shortcut from there.

edit shortcut thumbnail in google chrome

View Browsing History on Chrome Android App

You can follow the below steps if you are using the Chrome browser on your smartphone. 

1. Click on the “Menu” button (three vertical dots) inside the browser.

2. Then tap on the “History” button.

history button in chrome mobile app

You will be able to access the previously closed pages from your account. Here also you can access and filter the results by searching for them.

Few Bonus Features about Chrome History

Chrome being the people’s favorite internet browser, carries some useful tricks up its sleeves. It provides you an essential feature of searching in the history tab to locate your page quickly.

You can use the search box and enter the page title if you remember. If not, you can scroll down to find the website manually. 

Now imagine, you opened a page in the past month but didn’t remember the page title. However, you recall the website. Or, let’s say you have opened too many pages from the same website, and now you are unable to find your page in the stack.

To help you out in such scenarios, Chrome allows you to filter your history. You can click on the three dots against a website and select the “More from this site” option. Then, Chrome will show you all the pages you ever visited on that particular website only.

search filter in chrome history

Another great feature regarding your browsing history is the My Activity page. Adding to the search history, Google My Activity also contains YouTube history, location history, and much more stuff.

If that intrigued you, then also remember all the data is private to you. You can select which data to store and what not to from the account. I would suggest visiting the page at least once and check what Google has on you.

Wrapping Up

The History feature on Google Chrome is fascinating, given it allows you to search and filter results for easy access. If you are looking to recover a tab you closed accidentally, you can check our guide on reopening a closed Window on Google Chrome

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