The Chrome Dinosaur Game: Everything About it

What do you do when you are browsing the internet, and you lost the connection out of nowhere?

Few things to check are your network cables, modem, router, or try reconnecting the Wi-Fi. Meanwhile, you should also check out the fun dinosaur game that Chrome has to offer.

Many users know about the cute little easter egg Google brought for us. However, there is more to it than seems to the eye. 

Are you curious about what you may have missed?

Worry not; we are here with A-Z of the Chrome Dinosaur Game. With a few tricks, some facts, and a lot of fun. Let’s get started.

Chrome Dinosaur Game; How it all started

At first, when people saw the T-rex on their screen, they thought of it as a cute little icon to keep them company. But then, someone dared to press the spacebar and revealed the greatest easter egg of all time. The T-rex started running.

The Easter egg was first introduced in September 2014. The game struggled to perform on some platforms like previous Android versions at the time. That raised the demand for re-writing the code, which was completed by December of the same year.

In an interview with the developers, Google has released the origin story of the game. They first thought of making a small kick like to make the dino roar. However, after some discussion, the developers agreed on an infinite runner game. The rules are simple; run, jump, and duck.

A few more interesting facts are on their way. But before, let’s see how we can play the game.

How to Play the Chrome Dinosaur Game Offline

Suppose you don’t have an active internet connection, open Chrome. If you are already inside, try to visit a website or do a google search.

Since Chrome would know the internet is not working, it will show you the error page. You can see the dino icon on the page.

Hit “Spacebar” or “Up” key to start the game. You can use the “space” key or the “up” key to make our 8-bit dino jump. To duck under the pterodactyls (the birds), press the “down” key.

That’s all. The Dino would keep running unless you hit an obstacle or your internet connection comes back.

The game speed also increases after every 100 points. However, it is not practically possible to keep increasing the speed forever. So, it hits an upper limit after a while. Also, the game score resets each time you die, but the high score on your device would remain.

How to Play the T-rex Game Online

This one is a bonus. Not many people know that you can also play the game even when you are online. 

Open the Dino URL

Visit the “chrome://dino” URL on your browser. It would show you the no internet message, and you can start playing. As soon as you start the game, it would go full screen letting you use more of the screen. 

If you ever want to sharpen your skills or want to take a break, you can use the mentioned address without having to turn off the internet.

There is Another

Our next trick can come handy not only to play the game but to save you from some unwanted situations too.

Chrome got some cool developer features that many people don’t use. Well, it’s all technical stuff, and most of us ignore this setting for no particular reason.

Coming back to the trick, what if I tell you that you can ask Chrome to stop using the internet. Yes, your connection would still be active, all other apps working fine, but the Chrome would go offline.

Sounds fun, here’s how to do it:

1. Open Chrome, if it’s not already.

2. Then click on the “Menu” or “Customize and Control Google Chrome” button. (three vertical dots at the top-right corner)

3. Hover above “More tools” option.

4. Now click “Developer tools.”

developer option in google chrome

5. You can find the Throttling option under the “Network” tab.

  • Look for the drop-down button with “Online” before it.

6. Finally, click the drop-down and select “Offline.”

Offline mode in google chrome

Done, you have now restricted Chrome from using your internet connection. Try visiting any website to find our Dino waiting for you.

You can replace the steps 2,3, and 4 by using keyboard shortcuts. 

  • Ctrl+Shift+I
  • F12

Or, right-click on the screen and select the “Inspect element” option.

Highest Dinosaur Game Score

Contrary to popular belief that such games end with a boss level or another easter egg, it is indeed an endless game. However, there is a limit to the score you can make while playing it. The highest possible score you can make is 99,999. Afterward, the score resets itself, but you can continue playing.

A Trick to Hack the T-rex Game

If you want to brag about your score in a believable manner, we have a trick for you. You can make the Dino invincible by writing two simple lines of code in your browser. Even if you are not a tech guy, you can quickly copy and paste the codes, and no obstacle would stop you from scoring.

Firstly, open the no internet screen by following any of the above-discussed methods. If you remember, we talked about developer tools in one of the ways to play the game. We are going to use it once again.

After opening the “Developer tools,” you have to look for the “Console” tab. Then put the below code and hit “Enter.”

var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver

Then, you have to paste the second line of code and hit enter.

Runner.prototype.gameOver = function (){}
console code to hack dino game in google chrome

You can now close the developer tools and get back to playing. You can notice that no cactus or bird can kill you anymore. After you had a good run, you might want to die intentionally to record your highest score. Since dying is not possible, we have to enter another line of code.

Open the console tab once more and paste the below code.

Runner.prototype.gameOver = original

It should reset the last tweak, and the game would follow the original rules. You can hit a cactus and die to take a screenshot.

Some Facts About the Dinosaur Game

There aren’t many people who don’t know about the Dino game. However, many knew very little about it. So, we brought you some cool facts about it. 

  • Hit the “Down” key mid-air to bring the Dino down quickly.
  • Developers made the game conclude after 17 million years of playtime. It’s the estimated time the T-rex was alive on this planet.
  • The code name of the Dino game in the development stage was “Project Bolan.” It is a reference to late lead singer Marc Bolan from the T-rex rock band from the 1970s.
  • The Dino and desert setup is a nod to the “Prehistoric age” when there was no internet—funnily exaggerated!
  • Users from all over the world contribute to 270 million games being played every month.

Wrapping up

Google never fails to amaze us with little easter eggs here and there. The T-rex game has become the most popular among them. The game has brought us entertainment when none of the online things can. I hope you enjoyed the article as much the game. Feel free to comment down below with any trivia or any fact that you know of regarding the T-rex game.

Who invented the T-Rex Game?

The T-Rex game was invented by Google Chrome’s developers.

What is the purpose of the T-Rex Game?

The purpose of the game is to provide a way for people to have fun while they are waiting for their internet connection to come back up.

Is Dino Copyrighted?

The game is not copyrighted. Anybody can create a similar game or modify the code to create their own version of the game.

How long does it take to finish Dino Game?

According to the developers it is gonna take us 17 million years to complete the game as the dinosaur lived approximately that much amount of time on earth.

Can you beat the T-Rex Game?

The dinosaur game does not technically have an end, but the maximum score is 99,999. It takes 17 million years to complete the game, so if you want to beat it, you’ll have to be pretty patient!

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