How to Save Images from Twitter Quickly

Have you ever came across an interesting image on Twitter and thought about saving it?

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Consequently, it is a happening place. We often see some fascinating stuff and think of saving it on our device.

However, you might get confused about how to proceed if you are new at it.

Therefore, we created this guide for you to download/save Twitter images using simple methods.

So, without any small talks, let’s get started.

Save Images from Twitter Using Google Chrome

The method of saving an image using a browser works almost alike in all browsers. We are using Chrome as an example since it is the most widely used internet browser. 

For Computer

If you are going through the tweets using your computer, follow the below steps to save an image.

1. Firstly, locate the tweet from which you want to download the image.

2. Then, right-click on the image and select the “Save image as” option.

save image as option in google chrome

3. A pop-up should appear, asking you to rename the file and to confirm the download location.

4. Finally, click the “Save” button, and you will have the image on your computer.

save image from twitter using chrome

Tip: You can expand the image by clicking on it if there are multiple images in a tweet. Use the arrow buttons on the left/right of the image to reach the preferred one. It would also save the image in a higher resolution. Then follow the same steps to save your image.

For Smartphone

Some users opt to use social media using their mobile browsers. If you don’t use Twitter’s app, you can follow these steps to save the image.

1. Open “” on your smartphone.

2. Locate the tweet from which you want to download the image.

3. Then, long press on the image to unveil the options menu.

4. Finally, select “Download image” from the options.

download image in google chrome mobile browser

That’s all. You will find the image in the download folder on your device.

Tip: If there are multiple images, you can click on it and swipe left/right to find the preferred one. You can also notice a small thumbnail of the image in the options menu before proceeding with the download for confirmation. (look in the above screenshot)

Save Images from Twitter Using the App

If you like to use an app for going through the tweets, you can use the following steps to save the image. There are multiple third-party apps available as the Twitter client. The process should be similar for most of them. However, we are only talking about the official app for reference.

1. Open Twitter’s app.

twitter in smartphone

2. Locate the tweet from which you want to download the image.

3. Then, click on the image to open it.

4. Click the “three vertical dots” at the top-right corner.

three vertical dots in twitter app

5. Then click “Save” to download the image.

save image from twitter app

6. If Twitter doesn’t have permission to access your media files, it would ask for your consent. Click “Allow” to proceed.

You can find the downloaded image in a folder titled “Twitter” inside the pictures folder in your file storage.


So here are the three ways using which you can save an image from Twitter. The steps might differ slightly according to the browser or app you are using. However, these were the standard methods that should be applicable irrespective of the application you are using.

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