Turn On/Off Chrome’s Hardware Acceleration

Turn on or off chrome's hardware acceleration

Chrome uses your system GPU to process graphic-intensive tasks. However, it can sometimes raise issues like improper image loading. Let’s learn more about hardware acceleration and how it affects Chrome’s working.

How to Delete chat-message.live Redirects from Chrome

If your browser is recurrently opening a questionable website named chat-message.live, you probably have a PUA on your system. Potentially unwanted applications often promote such pages on Chrome. In other words, users do not open these pages intentionally. Other similar websites operating in a similar manner are Pectionexa.top, Bargaret.work, and Finvesterns.work. It is a malicious

How to Get Rid of Stream Tube Hijacker

Apps similar to Stream Tube belongs to the browser hijacker category. They operate by changing a few settings in your browser. In this case, you can notice that your browser will redirect you through tailsearch.com whenever you enter a search term. Users often install such application unknowingly. Since it does not provide any useful function

Why Does Chrome Have so Many Processes? Explained

why chrome uses so many processes

Chrome is infamous for using much RAM under heavy load. However, there is a hidden side to this problem that works for our benefit. Let us take a closer look at it.

How to Remove mylucky Tab Hijacker from Chrome

A browser hijacker is a malware program that uses unethical techniques to promote questionable content. Similarly, mylucky Tab also changes a few settings in your browser. You can notice that whenever you enter a search term, your browser will redirect you through tailsearch.com. Besides that, the app can also collect user information. For instance, it

Fix Google Chrome Keeps Crashing Issue

Google Chrome is statistically the most used web browser in the internet world. The reason for its popularity is the flexibility and features that it provides to its users. Even though it is one of the most advanced browsers, it can still have some sudden crashes or other similar issues. This guide will list out all the possible fixes for Google Chrome keeps crashing issue.

How to Change the Homepage in Chrome?

The homepage in any browser is the page that launches when you click on the home button. If you are using Google Chrome, you will notice that, by default, the homepage is set to the Google search. If you want to change the homepage in Chrome and also the startup page and new tab page, this guide will list out the steps for that.

How to Delete BestConverterSearch Hijacker from Chrome

Usually, browser hijackers work by changing your browser’s new tab, homepage, and default search engine. In the case of BestConverterSearch, it promotes the bestconvertersearch.com website. It is a fake search engine that is unable to generate results. Therefore, it redirects you to yahoo.com for every query. A browser hijacker also belongs to the potentially unwanted