How to Change the Homepage in Chrome?

The homepage in any browser is the page that launches when you click on the home button. If you are using Google Chrome, you will notice that, by default, the homepage is set to the Google search.

Another thing is the startup page. The startup page is the one that shows when you launch the browser. Again, on Google Chrome, the startup page is, by default, set to the Google Search box.

Many people prefer to see a different page or website when they first launch the Chrome browser for the day. For example, I like to see my mail page first on the startup. Similarly, there could be a different website or search engine that people might like to see on the homepage.

We will discuss how to change the Homepage, new tab page, and the start-up page on Chrome in this article.

How to Change the Homepage in Chrome?

Time needed: 5 minutes

Changing the homepage in Chrome is quite easy and straightforward. Here are the steps to do that.

  1. On your system, launch Google Chrome.

  2. Click on the three dots icon present at the top-right of the window and select “Settings.”
    Google Chrome Settings

  3. Once you reach the Settings page, from the left pane, choose Appearance.Google Chrome Appearance

  4. Switch on the “Show home button” if it is not already. Then click on the radio button next to the “Enter custom webpage.”change the homepage in Chrome

  5. Enter the website of your choice in the space available.Enter the website of your choice

  6. Your homepage would be saved automatically.

  7. Restart Chrome and check the homepage by clicking on its icon.

How to change Chrome’s Startup Page?

To change the launch page or the startup page on Chrome, follow these steps.

  1. Launch Google Chrome browser
  2. Navigate to the Settings 
  3. From the left pane, choose On Startup.
  4. Under the On Startup heading, set your preferred option. Notice that you can select multiple pages to launch on the Startup using the “Open a specific page or set of pages” option.change the startup page on Google Chrome
  5. Restart the browser, and you will see the changes have been applied.

How to Change the New Tab page in Chrome? 

Like the homepage and startup page, you can also change the new tab page in Chrome. However, there is no direct option in Chrome settings for that. We would take the help of a Chrome Extension.

  1. Open the Chrome web browser.
  2. Go to Chrome web store and add the Custom New Tab URL web extension to Chrome.Custom New Tab URL extension
  3. After adding it open its settings.
  4. Click on enable and type the link you want to open when you launch the new tab.Custom New Tab URL setup
  5. Finally, click save and restart the browser to make the changes effective.

If you don’t want to use the Custom New Tab URL extension, you can search and go for the similar extension available on the Chrome Webstore.

Final Words

The reason for the popularity of Google Chrome is because of the flexibility it provides in customization. This guide helps you change the homepage in Chrome, the startup page in Chrome, and the new tab page in Chrome. For more such customization, follow this blog.

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