15+ Best Chrome Themes

Are you fed up with the simple white theme of Google Chrome?

The bright color not only makes your experience dull, but it also affects your eyes. Luckily, Chrome lets us customize the browser as we want. From changing settings to trying out the latest Chrome Flags, there is a lot we can do.

Still, all these settings come second to the variety of themes Chrome provides. You can change the appearance of your browser with a single click. 

However, you can find it tiring to go through the countless themes to find the one that fits all criteria. Therefore, we did the grunt work to find the best suitable themes in different genres for you.

So, without much raving, let’s dive deep into it.

Best Google Chrome Themes in 2020

Google Chrome offers numerous features to customize your browser. From various extensions to Chrome Flags, we can do a plethora of things on Google Chrome. But the most elegant and straightforward tweak to make your browser comfortable for yourself is changing the theme to a preferred style. That said, let us see what creators have for us.

1. Themes Published by the Chrome Team

Chrome themes by google

Recently Chrome introduced a set of native themes created by their in-house developers. All these themes are minimalistic and straightforward. They mostly contain a combination of two or three solid colors that complement each other.

There are a total of 14 themes to choose from multiple colors and hues. It brings a uniform appearance to your UI. Just Black and rose are the most popular themes by Chrome. They are smooth on the eyes and give a cozy vibe. 

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2. Material Incognito Dark Theme

material incognito dark theme

If you are a fan of dark themes, then you must try Material Incognito Dark Theme.

You might have noticed that Chrome’s incognito mode uses a dark theme by default to make it look different from the general window. This theme uses the same color combinations of Incognito Mode and makes the browser look similar to incognito mode. The theme consists of black color with minimal contrast, and that makes it look stunning. 


3. Into the Mist

into the mist

Talking about the dark themes, Into the Mist is one of my favorites. The theme uses a monochromatic picture of a forest and a road by Greg Martin. It looks a little spooky but also calms at the same time.

If you are into the dark stuff, this theme appears far better than others available in the genre. The only drawback is sometimes it can be challenging to read the shortcuts on the image.


4. Beauty

beauty theme for google chrome

It is indeed a beautiful theme. The use of vibrant wallpaper in the background with lively colors looks stunning. It contains a green forest, meadows, and a setting sun. If you love nature, this theme is undoubtedly going to add depth to your browsing experience. 


5. Iron Man-Material Design

iron man material design

If you are an Iron Man fan, this theme is definitely for you. It uses a fascinating artwork of Iron Man and uses a blue and pink gradient. It changes all the tabs to blue color. This one looks the best among other superhero themes. 


6. Tardis

tardis theme for google chrome

Doctor Who is a popular series that has a place in many hearts. Tardis is a minimalistic theme based on the time machine from the fictional series. It is minimal, modern, and has a steady spread of blue color throughout the window. All other elements consist of a white shade that makes it soft on the eyes. One thing that differs from others is the placement of a white bar on top of the open tab for easy navigation. In short, if you are a Doctor Who fan, this theme is definitely for you.


7. Zodiac Animal Theme

zodiac animal themes

The Zodiac Animal Theme is a series of cute, pretty animal themes based on the Chinese zodiac. It was created by Google’s motion designer Hélène Park. It has a light hue and animal sketches on the homepage. Moreover, the tabs appear in a different color for easy navigation. I found the Dog and Tiger theme appealing. You can skim through all 12 to see which one suits you best.

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8. Sahara

sahara theme for google chrome

If you are a fan of the night sky on desert land, you should check out the Sahara theme. Google’s Peter Noordijk developed the theme by using various pictures from his journey. It sends off the 1001 Arabian nights vibe with the night sky, camels, caravan, and desert. The milky way galaxy looks appealing in the background. 


9. Color Fusion

color fusion theme

If you like multiple color gradients, try Color Fusion. The theme consists of a beautiful gradient of various colors. The background has light shades; the bookmarks and tabs have darker ones. The different colors for each bar make it look appealing and different from other colored themes.


10. Nordic Forest

nordic forest theme

Another addition to the nature-related theme is the Nordic Forest. It has everything a nature lover would be looking for in a background. The aerial view of the pine trees and greenery feels relieving. If you like the picture of nature, Nordic Forest is a must-try.


11. Harvest_Paisley

harvest_paisley theme for google chrome

If minimal artistic designs tempt you, try Harvest_Paisley. It is an abstract theme based on the Persian school of design. The theme uses off-white color as the background and has a pattern of autumn leaves with decreased saturation. The same pattern also appears on the tab bar. The leaves cover most of the screen and make a beautiful arc. I found the choice of colors appealing and soothing to the eyes. Moreover, it does not decrease any text’s visibility like some other themes having a similar design.


12. Totoro Rainy Day

totoro rainy day theme for google chrome

If you like Japanese Anime, you should try the Totoro Rainy Day theme. It uses a still from the popular anime movie My Neighbour Totoro. The artwork from the movie appears on the homepage. The tabs and bookmark bar also uses other elements from the film. The theme makes your browser dark and has some quirky patterns throughout the tabs. If you like this movie or an anime fan in general, Totoro Rainy Day is a must-try.


13. Horizon Club Sydney

horizon club sydney theme

If you are into abstract art, Horizon Club Sydney is a steal. The Horizon Club released a series of themes to personalize the guest experience at their hotels. This theme uses artwork titled ‘The Continued Movement’ by Australian artist Leif Podhajsky. 

The picture describes the swirling motion of Sydney with watercolors. A golden sunset reflected on blue water. The tabs and bookmark bar uses a light blue shade to compliment the painting. I highly recommend using this theme if you find peace in artworks.


14. Cath Kidston

cath kidston theme

Another addition to a well-crafted designer theme is Cath Kidston. The brand is known for its unique and witty vintage-inspired prints. This theme resonates with the brand image with beautiful classic floral print designs. The complementary color choice is a treat to the eye. It also distinguishes the open tab by presenting it in red color. In a nutshell, if you like floral designs, Cath Kidston should be your choice.


15. Space Nebula

space nebula theme for google chrome

You will love the Space Nebula theme if you are excited about space and universe stuff. The theme uses a dark hue throughout the browser. A beautiful image of a space nebula with little imagination is a treat to the eyes. A glowing line goes under the tab bar and over the open tab for easy navigation. 


Wrap Up

We all use Google Chrome everyday. So, it would be best to customize it according to your preference. In this article, we have mentioned some of the best themes available on Google Chrome. Try them on and find out which one suits your taste. If you like the themes in this article or want to tell us your favorite theme, comment down, and let us know.

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