How to Save Tabs in Chrome

Do you ever have to postpone reading an online article?

Or, you got busy with some other task and decided to reopen a particular page later.

Well, Chrome is good at keeping your history safe so that you can come back to it anytime. However, sometimes we choose to clear history, and you might accidentally lose an essential page and won’t find it ever again.

I usually keep the tab open if I have to get back to it. However, it is not the best way to save a tab since it consumes your computer’s processing power. 

Google does a great job saving your history and an easy search option for you to find previously visited pages. However, it lacks a vital feature to save a window and open it whenever you want and continue your work.

Fortunately, there are ways to save a page in Chrome so you can reopen it when it suits you. It can be your work-related stuff that you need to open daily or some favorite blog you like reading.

This article will discuss how to save tabs in Google Chrome and how to reopen them when required.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to Save All Tabs in Chrome as Bookmarks

When using bookmarks, you can always save a website or a particular page for quick access. However, it can be a tedious task if you have multiple websites to bookmark.

Luckily, Chrome lets you bookmark all open tabs under one parent folder. 

Imagine you are in a hurry and want to shut down your PC without losing the ongoing work in Chrome. Simple, use the following method to bookmark all open tabs under one single folder.

Here’s how to save all tabs in one folder.

1. Click on the three vertical dots at the top-right corner in Chrome.

2. Then, hover on the “Bookmarks” option and click on “Bookmark all tabs.”

bookmark all tabs in Chrome

3. Here, you can either add it to an existing folder or create a new one.

save multiple bookmarks in chrome

Alternatively, you can right-click on the navigation bar and select a similar option.

You can also avoid all the hustle by using the shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+D” quickly.

That’s it. You have successfully saved all the open tabs in Chrome for later use.

How to Save all Tabs on Chrome on Smartphone

We usually spend more of our time on our smartphones. Thanks to its ease of use and portability. Therefore, having such a function to bookmark a tab on a smartphone pays off significantly.

Let me show you how you can save a tab in Google Chrome on a smartphone.

1. Firstly, open the tab you want to bookmark.

2. Then, click on the three vertical dots on the top-right corner of your screen.

3. Click on the “Star” icon on the top.

bookmark icon in chrome for smartphone

4. A pop-up at the bottom of the screen will notify you that the tab is bookmarked.

5. Click on the edit button next to it to customize the name and location folder for your bookmark.

That’s all. You have successfully saved a tab in Chrome on your smartphone.

How to Manage Bookmarks in Chrome

Once you are done with saving your bookmarks, you might want to get back to them. What if you want to access a tab from your PC that you saved on your smartphone, or vice-versa.

Chrome lets you manage all your tabs in one place. If you are using a PC, follow the steps to open the Bookmark Manager.

1. Click on the three vertical dots on the top-right corner in Google Chrome.

2. Hover above the “Bookmark” option.

3. Now, open the “Bookmark Manager” from the options.

bookmarks manager in chrome

Tip: Copy and paste the following URL in omnibar for quick access: chrome://bookmarks/

Here, you will find all your bookmarks in one place. 

There are two major categories in the bookmark manager, i.e., Bookmarks bar and Mobile bookmarks. Here, you can open a folder and view all the tabs saved on your device. You can also edit or delete any of them from Bookmark Manager.

Note: You need to sign in with the same account on both your devices for the saved tabs to appear on PC or mobile.

One handy feature available in Bookmark Manager for Chrome on PC is changing the destination folder. You can transfer a saved tab from one folder to another by quickly dragging it between them. Click on the tab you want to move in another folder. Then, without releasing the mouse button, drop the tab in another folder. Release the button to change the location.

Similarly, you can manage all your bookmarks on a smartphone. Click on the three dots at the top-right corner in Chrome. Then, select the “Bookmark” option. Here, you will find all your bookmarks in one place.

bookmarks manager in chrome for smartphone

The Best Chrome Extension for Saving Tabs

Using bookmarks is a quick and easy way to save your tabs in Chrome. However, the ultimate browser also has a pandora box of extensions. There is an extension for your everyday need in Chrome’s web store. Therefore, you can find a variety of extensions explicitly made to help you manage your tabs.

The one I like the most among these extensions is the Session Buddy. With over 1 million downloads and more than 26000 positive reviews, it proves to be one of the best tab managers available for Chrome.

A few other noteworthy extensions include ClusterTabs OutlinerOneTab, and The Great Suspender, which works to save your battery and RAM usage as well.

Bottom Line

CHrome being the most productive browser being out there, has a variety of features. Although there isn’t one to save your tabs, the bookmark feature works incredibly well. Meanwhile, you can also benefit from the plethora of extensions available in the web store.

We discussed the contemporary method of using bookmarks to save your tabs so that you can open them when desired. I hope you found your answers here. If you have any doubt or queries, feel free to ask in the comment below.

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