How to Remove Chromium Browser from your Computer Completely?

Chromium is a legit browser. However, since it is open-source, cyber criminals were able to tweak it to create an adware malware. This fake browser is distributed by bundling with other freeware software. After successful infiltration, it regenerates its process to consume your computer memory. Also, it becomes difficult to remove it.


You might encounter the following issues with your computer if you have the fake Chromium virus:

  • You will start seeing irrelevant results for searches.
  • Increased amount of pop-up ads in browser.
  • Your PC becomes slow due to high CPU usage.
  • You won’t be able to uninstall the application.


To remove the Chromium browser virus from your computer you should delete it from its original source after killing all its processes. We will describe it in the article. You should also download and install a robust antimalware program to prevent yourself from such malware in the future.

Download Chromium Browser Remover – MalwareFox

Chromium is a genuine browser that is developed to provide a safe browsing experience to users. There is not a huge difference between Chrome and Chromium. The Chromium browser source code is open and anyone can manipulate it. While Chrome is designed to provide fewer features and hidden source code. The original chromium browser is harmless and does not affect users who install it. Some cybercriminals have changed the source code of the Chromium browser to make a virus. It is spread over the internet and users unknowingly install it. Once it gets into your computer it becomes impossible to remove, also it regenerates itself and eats your computer memory and processor. This is the main reason to uninstall it because it makes your computer slow.

How to Remove Chromium Browser Virus?

The Google Chrome browser comes with auto-update, crash reporting, and user metrics features, but the Chromium browser does not have these features. There is a slight difference in the logo also. Often internet users who are less aware of the difference ended up installing a fake Chromium browser. Once they install it they suffer as their computer responds slowly and it becomes hard to remove it. There are several guides to remove the Chromium on the internet, but hardly have they worked. I have come with a working method that actually removes the Chromium browser from your computer and it won’t get back.

What is Chromium Browser and how it gets into your Computer?

As already discussed, the real Chromium browser isn’t harmful. The source code of the Chromium browser is open this is why it can be easily altered. Some cybercriminal has changed its source code to act it like an adware malware. It displays many ads and also records your browsing history then sends it to other cybercriminals. Also, it is deep-rooted in your computer so even when you try to uninstall, it won’t go. It regenerates itself without your permission and keeps eating your computer resources. It is a good idea to remove this fake browser right now.

You may be wondering how it gets installed on your computer?

The fake Chromium browser is sometimes bundled with other freeware software you download from the internet. It gets installed on your computer with that software. Also, sometimes you click on the download button to malicious sites and it gets downloaded instead of the software you were looking for. Once you install it without your knowledge, it won’t uninstall even when you try. It can alter your system files and also can delete your personal files. If you use this browser and enter any confidential information like credit card numbers, account passwords, and more, then you are at risk.

If you want to save yourself some trouble, then don’t download the Chromium browser from other websites. Moreover, if you still want to use this browser then download it from the official website only. You can end up installing fake software when trying to download Chromium from third-party sites. See below in the screenshot.

Fake Chromium Browser Download from Third Party Website

Fake Chromium Browser Downloaded from Third Party Website

What are the Potential Dangers to Not Remove Fake Chromium Browser?

Ruined Computing Experience

The fake Chromium browser creates multiple instances of its process and consumes your computer memory. It makes your computer sluggish. It sets your default browser to its own and doesn’t let you change. If you use chromium to browse it displays you pop-up ads and redirect to ads pages. Overall it completely ruins your experience.

Confidential Information Theft

If you are thinking to use the fake Chromium browser cause it looks cool. Then you are at risk of confidential information theft. It not only records your browsing history but also sends your confidential information to its makers. Your credit card number, bank login details, your email login details are always at risk. Your personal information like your name, address, and contact number is also compromised if you don’t uninstall it.

Redirected to the Malicious Pages

Fake Chromium browser redirects to even more harmful pages on the internet. These pages may contain key loggers, spyware, and other malware. If you don’t remove this browser from your computer you are open to even more harmful stuff.

Altered Homepage and Search Results

This fake browser sets your homepage to some unknown site. Also, when you try to search something on the internet it displays you altered search results with more ads and malicious links. Overall if you use this browser you will not get a normal result which is irritating.

Manually Remove Chromium Browser from your Computer Completely

Step 1- Find Chromium Browser Processes

Step 2- Find Originating Source of Chromium Browser

Step 3- Kill all Chromium Browser Processes

Step 4- Delete Files and Folders of Chromium Browser

Install an Antimalware Program to Clean your Computer

Download Antimalware Tool – MalwareFox

Manually Remove Chromium Browser from your Computer Completely

No matter how you uninstall the fake chromium browser but it gets back after some time. Here I have come with a tested method that will completely remove Chromium browser and it won’t come back. To do this you need to follow step by step.

Step 1- Find Chromium Browser Process

Fake Chromium browser main activity is to create various instances of its process on the computer. So we will first find the process of this malware. To do it you need to open your task manager. You can access task manager by right click on the taskbar and then choose Task Manager or you can also press Ctrl+Alt+Del button and then select Task Manager.

Access Task Manager

Now you will see task manager click on Processes Tab and locate Chromium Processes.

Step 2- Find Originating Source of Chromium Browser

Once you find the Chromium process right-click on it and choose Open file location to see the originating source of the Chromium browser.

Locate Chromium Processes

You will see a window with Chromium files, do nothing here – keep it open.

Step 3- Kill all Chromium Browser Processes

Now come back to Task manager and right click on each Chromium processes and click on End Task to kill all the processes. You need to do it quickly because it will regenerate more if you take much time.

Kill Chromium Processes

Step 4- Delete Files and Folder of Chromium Adware

Now come back to the file location window and delete explorer.exe and then all other files.

Delete Chromium Files

Now Click on the Local Folder and Delete Games Bot Folder. If you see any error click on Continue or Yes button. This will completely remove Chromium browser adware from your computer.

Delete Games Bot Folder

You have now completely remove the irritating Chromium browser. To ensure that your computer is clean and there is no other malware you need to scan it with an antimalware. Follow further steps to secure your computer from such threats.

Install an Antimalware Program to Clean your Computer

The Fake Chromium browser has been removed from your computer, but the cyber world is full of threats. There are so many dangerous malware you don’t know about. To prevent your computer from such threats you need to download and scan your computer with an antimalware.

Download MalwareFox – Antimalware

Step 1- Install MalwareFox on your PC

Open the Installer by Clicking on the Downloaded file.

Install MalwareFox Instruction 1

Now choose your desired language and follow the instructions to install the MalwareFox on your computer.

Install MalwareFox Instruction 2

After completing the installation, the MalwareFox will update the application to its latest version. Let it update.

Install MalwareFox Instruction 3

Now it will sync the Malware database with server. It is important step as it needs to know latest types of malwares.

Install MalwareFox Instruction 4

Step 2 – Scan and Clean your Computer for Malware

When the update process completes it will show Real Time Protection: On. Now you can scan your computer. Press Scan button and leave everything on MalwareFox, it knows how to deal with malware.

Install MalwareFox Instruction 5

See how MalwareFox easily detects and remove the fake chromium browser within few minutes in below screenshot.

MalwareFox Detects and Remove Fake Chromium Browser

MalwareFox Detects and Remove Fake Chromium Browser

After the scan complete click on Next button to clean your computer completely.

How to Avoid Fake Chromium Browser?

The real Chromium browser isn’t harmful but the fake one is. The real problem is you can’t simply identify the real and fake chromium browser before installing them. If you want to avoid the fake browser then during the installation of other software clearly watch the steps and unselect the Chromium installation. With a little precaution, you can avoid this malware. If you want a strong tool to do this task for you. Then you can download MalwareFox and keep it running with Real Time Protection: on. This antimalware will prevent any malware attack before happening.

Download Chromium Removal Tool – MalwareFox

Congratulations! You have successfully removed the Chromium Browser from your computer system. Keep the Real-time protection enabled in order to prevent any further attacks.

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