Chrome Color Picker: How to Pick Color from Website or Image?

Do you need to pick color from a website or image on Chrome? Maybe you want to start a project and need the perfect color scheme. Whatever the reason, You can do that easily using Chrome Color Picker. It is a very useful in-built Chrome feature that can come in handy for web designers, developers, and anyone who needs to grab a color quickly from a website or image on the Google Chrome browser. It’s also really easy to use. 

In this blog post, we are going to show you how to pick color from a website or image on Chrome. Keep reading for instructions on how to get started.

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What is Chrome Color Picker?

The Google Chrome browser has integrated developer tools that are known as Chrome DevTools. These tools may assist you in editing pages on the go, allowing you to recognize and correct faults quickly. You can inspect and modify any page on your browser simply by looking at its components and changing HTML and CSS values with DevTools.

Chrome Color Picker is one of the DevTools of the Chrome browser. It allows you to quickly and easily grab colors from websites and images. This is a very useful tool for web designers and developers who need to grab colors often. Apart from picking the color, you can also use Color Picker DevTool to get more information about the color, such as its hex code, RGB values, and HSL values.

How to Use Chrome Color Picker?

Now that you know what is Chrome Color Picker, let’s see how to use it. Follow the steps below to start picking colors from websites or images on your browser.

  1. Launch the Google Chrome browser on your computer
  2. The first thing you need to do is open the website or image from where you want to pick a color.launch the webpage
  3. Once it is open, right-click on the element (paragraph or image) and select “Inspect” from the context menu.inspect elements
  4. A new DevTools section will pop up with all of the website’s developer options. This may look daunting, but don’t worry, we only need to focus on a small part of it.
  5. On the developer tools section, you will see a tab called “Styles“. Click on it to open the Styles section.styles section
  6. Find the Color Property you want to change and click on the square color box.color element chrome
  7. Once you click the color button the Color Picker eyedropper will be activated, and you can use it to pick a color from the image or other element of the page.pick a color using color picker
  8. After the color is picked, just copy the HEX, RGB, or HSL code and use it wherever you want to.copy the color code

Features of Chrome Color Picker

In addition to providing a color code, Chrome Color Picker comes with a few more features.

  • Color Palettes: Instead of cycling through many hues of color, you have a few pre-defined color palettes to choose from.color palettes
  • Color Format: You may also switch between hex code and RGB values, as well as HSLA color values.
  • Opacity Control: You may modify the transparency to make it seem more substantial or little.
  • Color Gradient: You may pick the shade of the color, cycle through choices of colors, and mix and match them to your liking.color gradient
  • Contrast Ratio: Make the text/element visible by adjusting the contrast.

Other Ways to Pick Color from Image or Website

If you’re not a fan of using the Chrome Color Picker tool, there are other ways to pick color from image or website. Below are some other methods you can use.


So there you have it, our guide on how to pick color from website or image on chrome. We hope that this has been helpful and that you can now go out and create beautiful designs with ease by grabbing the exact color of your choice. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

What is a hex code?

A hex code is a six-digit combination of letters and numbers that represent a specific color.

Can I use a color picker on my phone?

Yes, there are several apps available that will allow you to pick colors from images on your phone. Just search for “color picker” in your app store.

What if I don’t have an image handy?

You can also find hex codes for colors by searching the web. A simple Google search for “hex code” followed by a color name will usually bring up what you’re looking for. For example, a search for “hex code blue” returns this page of results.

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