6 Best Ad Blocker Chrome Extensions in 2020

Do you find online ads distracting when reading an article?

Many popular websites use ads on their website to generate revenue. It is the necessary evil to keep such sites alive and provide the content for free. 

However, many websites abuse this business model by showing you unnecessary pop-ups and sending trackers through cookies. Fortunately, we have a method to get rid of these nosy elements.


Chrome is the most widely used browser among netizens. Some excellent ad blocker extensions are available for Chrome that can save you from all the disturbing ads.

However, it can be tiresome to find the one compatible with your use. Therefore, we did all the digging to find the best Chrome extension ad blockers for you.

So, without much raving, let’s get started. 

Best Ad Blocker for Chrome

We went through whichever ad blocker extension we can find on Chrom Web Store and picked out the best for you. Here is a list of ad blocker extensions you should use to stop seeing those annoying ads. 

1. uBlock Origin

uBlock origin ad bloxker for chrome

If you want complete protection from unnecessary content on your browser, try uBlock Origin.

This extension is developed and offered by Raymond Hill (gorhill). Another version of the same extension named “uBlock” also exists as a separate entity, and you should not confuse it with the original product.

uBlock Origin is not only an ad blocker. Instead, it is a fully packed content blocker. It gives you total control to block and keep any content on the website. For instance, you can avoid accidentally opening a malicious link. Or, you can remove all the massive image files for faster page loading. 

The extension is distributed under the GPLv3 license, which means it is by the users for the users. In common words, it is an open-source project updated and maintained by enthusiastic developers at no fee. It is also very lightweight on your CPU.

uBlock Origin is the most transparent adblocker as well. It shows you all the logs from a session if you want. So, you can verify if there is any shady business going on. Besides, all settings related to the extension are entirely local for your browser. The extension does not send any logs or information out from your system. That is another addition to privacy. 

Moreover, uBlock Origin provides some attractive customization options. You have full control over allowing and skipping any site from opening on your browser. It will enable you to import your filter and trusted site list from around the web. So, you can look for any online database about malicious sites and import it for your browser.

A few more quality features include element zapper, element picker, and blocking all massive media files and pop-ups. There aren’t any downsides to this extension in terms of privacy or usability. However, some users might have a difficult time understanding the technical terms and rules. Besides, you also don’t get one to one support for the product because it is an open-source project.

Key Features:

  • Fully packed content blocker.
  • Blocks pop-ups, massive graphic content, and selective elements.
  • Allow you to import a customized list. 
  • Open-source and transparent working.
  • Lightweight on your CPU.

2. Adblock Plus

ad block plus extension

Adblock Plus is another open-source project that keeps away the annoying ads.

It is trusted by more than 10 million users on Chrome and more on other browsers. This adblocker is the most popular among users and thus have attracted negative marketing as well. Many competitors share a similar name but do not resemble the source code. Therefore, try not to install a fake copy accidentally.

Adblock Plus has the largest database of malicious sites and ad networks among the competitors. The extension has a dedicated team of developers who updates the database frequently. The best thing is, it can also block annoying ads on YouTube. 

Adblock Plus has seen some criticism in the past due to its “Acceptable Ads” policy. This feature allows ads on specific websites or from individual ad networks. Users didn’t find this feature appealing since you still get the ads even after installing an ad blocker. There is nothing to worry about, though; you can opt-out of the “Acceptable ads” program anytime you want.

Now, for the downsides, Adblock Plus can be pretty heavy on your computer if you have multiple tabs open. Besides that, it is an excellent extension for Chrome to block any unwanted advertisements.

Key Features

  • Open-source
  • Blocks YouTube ads
  • Frequently updated database
  • Heavy on CPU

3. Ghostery

ghostery extension for Chrome

If you are looking for a simple yet powerful ad blocker, try Ghostery. 

It blocks spammy ads and site trackers. The extension also stops site analytics and adult advertising trackers by default. But, if you want to allow the trackers, you can control them through the settings panel. 

Ghostery also anonymizes your information for unblocked trackers to protect your privacy. Unlike other extensions that collect user information without notifying, Ghostery allows you to opt-out of it. The extensions use such data to better their performance for you. So, you can provide the information if you want.

The basic functionalities are entirely free, and it works like a charm. However, Ghostery also provides a premium package with different user interface skins and an unlimited bandwidth VPN for better privacy. Additional benefits include previous blocking logs, priority support, and more.

There aren’t any top of the mind drawbacks in Ghostery. However, you can experience a technical issue once in a while if there are heavy tabs open on Chrome.

Key Features

  • Free of cost
  • Advanced features are available behind a paywall.
  • 14 language support

4. AdGaurd

AdGuard extension for chrome

AdGaurd is among the most trusted ad blocker extension among users. With downloads exceeding the count of seven million and thousands of positive reviews, it is one of the highest-rated ad blocker extensions available.

It claims to be an unmatched ad blocker due to its competency in blocking ads. We can debate over it, but that doesn’t put the fact totally off the table. AdGuard has some fascinating ad blocking algorithm that stops ad from YouTube, Facebook, and other web applications. 

AdGuard has one of the most extensive lists of malicious sites and advertising networks on your disposal. That also means it can take a while if you decide to set the rules manually. However, with automatic blocking, AdGuard works very efficiently.

There is nothing to complain about this extension but to state that you can get better service by going for the paid version. AdGuard also has desktop applications that can work way better than a browser extension. 

Key Features

  • Free of cost
  • seven million-plus downloads
  • Open-source
  • Lightweight
  • Blocks ads on social media and YouTube
  • Premium version available

5. AdBlocker Ultimate

Adblocker ultimate extension for chrome

AdBlocker Ultimate promises to eliminate all kinds of apps from your computer. Let it be pop-ups, banners, video overlays, or malicious tracker. It does not let any distraction pass through its filters. That gives you total control to make a whitelist of your choice.

AdBlocker Ultimate has the least number of downloads on the list. But, it also has the highest rating of 4.8 out of 5 among its competitors. It also has a desktop application that you can purchase for a safer experience. The browser extension is entirely free.

There is no inbuilt whitelist or feature lie “Acceptable Ads” in this program. Therefore, you have total control over which websites can show you the ads. 

Key Features

  • Free of cost
  • Blocks all ads and trackers
  • No inbuilt whitelist
  • Allow you to add custom rules

6. Fair AdBlocker

Fair AdBlocker for chrome

Fair AdBlocker promises to block annoying ads and malicious tracker from any website. The extension also works for web apps like Facebook and YouTube. 

It improves your online security and privacy by saving you from malicious downloads. This extension can also block suspicious ads in the mail. You can choose the fairness scale to allow a minimum number of advertisements on the website to help the content creators make a profit. Or, you can disable it if you don’t want any ads on your screen. Meanwhile, you can also see the tracking history if you wish.

The extension also lets you choose between multiple settings to allow or restrict the specific type of ads. You can create a whitelist to allow ads on websites of your choice. 

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Free of cost
  • Easy to use

How an Ad Blocker Benefit Us?

Every website that you see uses some business model to generate revenue. Thus, they can always provide you the content for free. However, there is still some hidden cost at stake that we often overlook. Some websites bombard you with multiple ads to get the most out of your session. It can be tiresome to read the content in between these ads. 

Other malicious websites can use this network to install malware on your computer. Otherwise, they can steal your information and sell it to third-party buyers. They use it to target specific ads on your device. 

An ad blocker can save you from all these notorious scripts and some severe threats in the long run. Besides, it also blocks annoying ads and provides you a pleasant net surfing experience.

How Can an Ad Blocker Protect Us?

All the Ad Blocking extensions in this list are mentioned with security and privacy in mind. They would preserve your anonymity and protect you from malicious trackers. A wide range of filters can identify trackers, malicious websites, pop-ups, and other harmful elements. You can set them as you desire to get the most out of the extension. 

Chrome Web Store allows developers to upload any product with minimal scrutiny. That means there are chances that some wicked application can make its place in your browser if you are unaware. It can look genuine at first but might be a fake copy of another adblocker.

Therefore, it is necessary to examine such tools before installing them. We have researched and provided the most secure ad-blocking extensions on the list. Still, we suggest you read the reviews and compare it with other applications to eliminate any suspicion. 


An ad blocker can come in handy if you surf the internet frequently. It would save you from many notorious trackers, annoying ads, and deceptive pop-ups. You wouldn’t even notice the absence of all the distractions that could have ruined your browsing experience. Besides, it improves your browsing speed and decreases the burden on your CPU. 

If you believe in the open internet mentality, then we suggest you go with uBlock Origin. It is an open-source product that is developed by the people for the people. Besides, it has the best transparency among other competitors at the cost of unreliable service in case of any glitch. 

If you are looking to avoid ads out of your browser, we suggest going for AdGuard. The extension is free, but you can purchase the license to use AdGuard on any device, including Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac.

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