How to get Chrome Vertical Tabs in Side Panel?

Do you want to get Chrome Vertical Tabs? It’s a great way to organize your tabs and improve your browsing experience. In this blog post, we will show you how to enable vertical tabs in Chrome. Keep reading for instructions!

What are Vertical Tabs in Chrome?

Vertical Tabs in Chrome allow you to view your tabs in a vertical list. This can be helpful if you have a lot of tabs open and want to see them all at once. It can also help with organization, as you can group related tabs together. Unfortunately, the vertical tabs feature is not available in-built in the Chrome browser.

Recently Microsoft introduce this killing feature in their Edge browser. On the usability front, the new Microsoft Edge browser easily outperforms Google Chrome by a long shot with Vertical tabs. Vertical tabs not only look good; they also enhance productivity considerably.

Users of Google Chrome are unable to use Vertical Tabs because they aren’t supported by the browser. To utilize the functionality, users must turn to extensions from a third party.

How to get Chrome Vertical Tabs?

To get Vertical Tabs in Chrome, we will use an extension called Vertical Tabs. Here are the steps to install the Vertical Tabs extension and use it:

  1. Launch the Google Chrome browser and head toward the Chrome Web Store extension section.

  2. Search for the Vertical Tabs extension and click on it to open its installation for vertical tabs

  3. Click on the Add to Chrome button.add vertical tabs to Chrome

  4. Next, click on Add Extension button on the confirmation message.

  5. After you’ve completed the installation of the extension, restart your web browser.

  6. You will notice that the Chrome Vertical Tabs is activated.vertical tabs activated

By default, the Vertical tabs will be on the left side of the screen. However, if you want, you can change the position to the right. To do that:

  1. Click on the gear icon to open Vertical Tabs settings.vertical tabs settings
  2. Choose the Right button from the options.change the vertical tabs position
  3. The Vertical Tabs will be shifted to the right.vertical tabs on right
  4. From the settings menu, you can configure other settings too, such as Dark theme, auto-hide tabs, and more.

More Chrome Vertical Tabs Extensions

Apart from the extension mentioned above, here are a few more extensions that can be used for enabling vertical tabs on Chrome


When the Vertical Tabs extension shows an integrated panel, a display-on-hover panel is displayed. To show the tab list on the left side, place your mouse over the semi-hidden panel. This displays a list of all open tabs in one window, and you can change between them by clicking on the title. It includes several options that let you alter the sidebar’s position and size.

Vertical Tabs for Google Chrome

Vertical Tabs for Google Chrome is a lightweight extension that offers users the ability to a display-on-hover panel on the left side, allowing them to view and manage all opened tabs. To put it another way, when not in use, the side panel fades away (nearly) entirely, leaving you able to reveal it by hovering your mouse over the left side of the screen.

Summing Up

Vertical tabs can be a helpful way to organize your tabs and improve your browsing experience. Unfortunately, the feature is not available in-built in Chrome. However, you can use an extension to get vertical tabs working on your browser. We have provided instructions for installing the Vertical Tabs extension and using it. Additionally, we have listed a few other extensions that can be used for enabling vertical tabs on Chrome.

Do you have a favorite extension for managing tabs? Let us know in the comments below!

How to get Chrome Vertical Tabs?

You can find vertical tabs in the Chrome store by searching for “vertical tabs”. There are a few different options available, so feel free to try out a few and see which one you like best. Once you’ve installed your chosen extension, simply open up a new tab and you should see your tabs displayed vertically down the left-hand side.

Do Vertical Tabs consume more space?

Yes, vertical tabs will take up more space than traditional horizontal tabs. However, you may find that the extra space is worth it for the increased organization and efficiency.

How do I hide the vertical tab bar?

If you need to temporarily hide your vertical tab bar, simply click on the extension’s icon in your browser’s toolbar.

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