How to Delete Search with Engine of Your Choice Browser Hijacker from Chrome

Search with Engine of your choice is a browser extension for Chrome. It promotes itself as a tool for you to choose your favorite search engine as default. However, the extension has some suspicious permissions.

Delete Search with Engine of Your Choice Hijacker

The browser extension redirects you through a series of suspicious websites before taking you to the result page. It can record what you are you searching for, your browsing history, and visited websites. Additionally, there is a chance that it can also record your login details and passwords. Then it sends all this information back to the developers.

Your data contain sensitive details that can be used against you. You can eventually be a victim of severe cybercrime like identity theft, blackmail, data theft, and financial fraud. Otherwise, you can end up on a wicked website and download malware on your system.

The browser hijacker also belongs to the category of PUA. Potentially unwanted applications have shady permissions and promote other malicious apps. This browser hijacker also comes in a bundle with a fake Adobe Flash Updater.

Therefore, it would be best to delete the Search with Engine of your choice browser hijacker from Chrome as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can end up causing severe harm to you or your device. We recommend using a robust antimalware for the task. It can detect and remove any malicious app and help you reset your browser. Moreover, it would protect your computer in real-time from similar threats in the future.

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