How to hide Address Bar in Chrome?

How to hide Address Bar in Chrome

Even after being advanced than its counterparts and having a lot of options, Chrome lacks one essential option that most of its users wanted. This option is the ability to hide Address Bar or the URL bar. If you are one such user who needs to hide address bar in Chrome browser, this guide will help you to achieve that.

How to Allow Pop-ups on Chrome

how to allow pop-ups on chrome

Chrome effortlessly blocks pop-ups on numerous websites. However, sometimes we might require to see the pop-up window for indivdual reasons. Here’s how to allow pop-ups on Chrome for desktop and Android browsers.

Google Chrome Task Manager: The Ultimate Guide

Google Chrome task manager

Chrome is infamous for consuming too much of RAM while processing. However, the bright side is it creates a different task for each process. Let’s see how we can view and eliminate these processes using Chrome task manager.

How to Block Websites on Chrome

how to block websites on Chrome

We often require to restrict some websites on our device for reasons like addictive nature, distractions, delusive content. Here are a few ways to block a website on Chrome.

How to View Chrome Saved Passwords

View chrome saved passwords

Chrome is able to store your account login details if you allow it. IN this article we will see how to view the saved passwords on Chrome.

Turn On/Off Chrome’s Hardware Acceleration

Turn on or off chrome's hardware acceleration

Chrome uses your system GPU to process graphic-intensive tasks. However, it can sometimes raise issues like improper image loading. Let’s learn more about hardware acceleration and how it affects Chrome’s working.

How to Change the Homepage in Chrome?

The homepage in any browser is the page that launches when you click on the home button. If you are using Google Chrome, you will notice that, by default, the homepage is set to the Google search. If you want to change the homepage in Chrome and also the startup page and new tab page, this guide will list out the steps for that.

How to Disable or Enable JavaScript in Chrome

enable javascript in google chrome

JavaScript plays an essential role in todays online world. More than 90% of websites use it in one way or other. In this guide, we will talk about how to disable or enable JavaScript for your preference.

How to Use Chrome Beta on Any Device

chrome beta

You can tinkle with the latest Chrome features that are not yet available for the public. Here is how to install Chrome Beta on any of your device.