How to turn off Chrome Dark Mode?

turn off chrome dark mode

Chrome Dark Mode is an excellent feature, but not everyone loves it. Learn different ways to turn off Chrome Dark Mode on different devices.

How to Restore Taskbar Disappeared in Chrome

tasbar disappearing in chrome

Gogle Chrome carries a lot of features and a few bugs. Here are some solutions to one such bug that hides your Windows’ taskbar while using Google Chrome

Why Mouse Cursor Not Showing in Chrome?

mouse cursor not showing on chrome

Is your mouse cursor troubling you again? It cannot be delightful to lose track of your mouse visually.  Windows OS seems to get this problem once in a while. However, the frequency of mouse cursor disappearing is much higher in the Chrome browser, especially if you use a touch screen device like Microsoft Surface. It

Fix Google Chrome Keeps Crashing Issue

Google Chrome is statistically the most used web browser in the internet world. The reason for its popularity is the flexibility and features that it provides to its users. Even though it is one of the most advanced browsers, it can still have some sudden crashes or other similar issues. This guide will list out all the possible fixes for Google Chrome keeps crashing issue.